Watts Brewing Company

Watts Brewing Company is a nano brewery based in Bothell, WA. We are dedicated to brewing quality beers that appeal to both beer snobs and people who couldn't care less. 

The Hop and Hound 3rd Anniversary IPA


The Hop and Hound 3rd Anniversary Ale is a collaboration between Watts Brewing Company and the Hop and Hound, brewed specifically for our friends in Bothell.  And what does Bothell love? IPA.  This particular IPA uses the yeast from Watts Brewing's signature Kölsch with the finest pilsner malt and a splash of wheat to produce a lighter, smoother take on the style, perfect for the Hop and Hound's sunlit patio.  Then we loaded it up with Ella and Waimea hops--newer varieties from south of the equator--to get the distinctive flavor of tangerine, lemongrass, lime, and a lightly spiced, bready finish.  If three years of excellent beers at the Hop and Hound isn't already enough reason to celebrate, this IPA ought to do it. 


6.7% ABV

75 IBU

Pilsner, Wheat

Ella, Waimea