Watts Brewing Company

Watts Brewing Company is a nano brewery based in Bothell, WA. We are dedicated to brewing quality beers that appeal to both beer snobs and people who couldn't care less. 




Hornfaced Stout is a malty stout, leading with the dark chocolate flavor of roasted barley.  The toasty character then mellows to share the stage with a smooth, subtle peanut butter flavor derived entirely from the interplay of light and dark malts.  But even this onslaught of grain gives way to the drying quality of English hops, gently scrubbing the palate to pave the way for the next sip.  As in all of our recipes, we use the palette of traditional ingredients to achieve an uncommon balance--at once sophisticated and nuanced yet familiar and just plain tasty.

This beer takes its name from the Hornfaced Bee (Osmia bicornis), a member of the mason bee family.  Originally imported to bolster pollination in our state's fruit orchards, it now resides alongside the Blue Orchard Bee in many native bee habitats.  Ask for it at your local beer bar, you may soon find the Hornfaced Stout in your native beer drinking environment as well.


5.8% ABV


Pale, Vienna, Crystal, Chocolate, Black Patent, Roasted Barley