Watts Brewing Company

Watts Brewing Company is a nano brewery based in Bothell, WA. We are dedicated to brewing quality beers that appeal to both beer snobs and people who couldn't care less. 

Solitary Series

Winter 2016

Brace yourselves, winter is coming.  Gray days and long nights, wind and snow, and of course the darkest of beers.

Our first release in the Solitary Series is a strong stout so deep even the foam is more foreboding than the darkest storm cloud.  We could only call it dark as night if we managed to literally throw shade on this super moon and all the little stars twinkling behind it.  No light escapes, even glancing off the side of the glass, and after first glance you know you won't escape without a sip.

Potent coffee-like flavor melds with waves of bittersweet chocolate, enveloping your tongue in it's black maelstrom.  A rich creamy body adds heft as it batters your tongue this way and that.  Yet as as soon as you've slipped into this world of flavor, it slips into nothingness.  It has evaporated, disappearing down your throat and you're left with only its haunting memory ... and the black hole eyeing you from it's glass, waiting to suck you in for the next sip.


If you can't tell, we're proud to put our name on this beer, and proud to make it our first release in the Solitary Series.  We hope you enjoy it, but if it ends up under the Christmas tree or passed around the holiday party we won't be heart broken.  After all, beer is best when shared with others and a beast of this magnitude is no exception.



7.5% ABV

95 IBU

2-row, Brown, black barley, crystal, flaked barley

East Kent Goldings